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Young Art Masters (Grades 1-2)

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Young Art Masters is a once-a-week class that introduces students to the world of Fine Art. Each lesson is influenced by a famous artist, their style, subject matter, and technique. We use a lecture to dive into the artists background trying to understand the purpose of their artwork. Students get a chance to study the artists and take notes. This new knowledge as well as the students individual interests are used to influence a drawing and completed artwork.

The teacher will help the students with their individual sketches and develop an understandable composition. We push students to better understand things like perspective, color use, abstraction, and value. Some of the materials that the students will be practicing with are color pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, and tempera paints.

Each student's technical skill and artistic understanding will largely develop through their time in this class. At this level we support our students to take part in discussions about the artwork that they are experiencing, we want them to communicate with the teacher as well as the other students in their class. Through these discussions students become comfortable in their opinions while also understanding that other students or people might think differently.


Color pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, tempera paints, sharpie markers, sketch paper, watercolor paper, pencils, and erasers


  • Fine Art
  • Subject Matter
  • Lecture
  • Note Taking
  • Discussion, Communication, Participation
  • Individuality, Opinion, self expression
  • Material practice
  • Technique, artistic style


Students will gain a wide knowledge and appreciation for different types of artwork. They will work on refining their technical skill as well as understanding concepts such as composition, and perspective. Students will be able to share their opinion in a respectful and spirited way.



  • 彩色铅笔,水彩,油画棒,蛋彩画颜料,沙皮笔,素描纸,水彩纸,铅笔和橡皮


  • 美术
  • 主题
  • 演讲
  • 做笔记
  • 讨论,交流,参与
  • 个性,意见,自我表达
  • 物质实践
  • 技术,艺术风格