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Oil Painting (Grades 4-12)

Oil Painting is meant to introduce students to water-based oils, focusing on their own higher level rendering and thinking with this specific medium. Students will fully commit their focus to water-based oil techniques, and lessons, while being expected to make more detailed art pieces overall. Unlike Multimedia Techniques where students use many different materials, students in this class will work continuously with water-based oils throughout. Students in this class will independently guide their own education, and skills by developing/discovering their own visual style and passions. Projects will include lessons on traditional art, fundamentals, and art history. Student art must always be personalized in themes as a standard, but the execution of visuals must consistently show understating and growth of the medium. All art pieces are expected to look as fully rendered as students can handle, aiming towards a professional finished product. Instructors will make sure to always encourage students to showcase efficient use of Color Theory, Value, Rendering, and Concept Development.

  • Warm vs. Cool Colors, Neutral vs. Saturated Colors, Transparent vs. Opaque Paint, Wet on Wet paint, Motion & Control, Sharpness vs. Softness, Blending and Layering, Underpainting, Color theory, Rendering.


  • Water based oils, graphite pencils, linseed oil, brush cleaner, iPads and Procreate, canvases, paper palettes.


  • Students will learn how to master mixing & layering water mixable oils to create fully rendered, and colorful finished paintings. Students will understand the different strengths between color pigments, how they blend, and how to layer them. Attention to brush-use, quality, size, and shape variety will help develop stylistic brush strokes that give student art more unique characteristics. Students will gain a solid foundation for creating more professional and detailed paintings that will aid in their creative paintings for the future.



  • 暖色与冷色
  • 中性色与饱和色
  • 透明与不透明涂料
  • 湿漆
  • 运动控制
  • 清晰度与柔软度
  • 混合和分层
  • 底漆
  • 色彩理论
  • 渲染图


  • 水性油,石墨铅笔,亚麻子油,刷子清洁剂,iPad和Procreate,画布,纸调色板。


  • 学生将学习如何熟练地将水可混合的油进行混合和分层,以创作完全渲染的,色彩鲜艳的油画。学生将了解彩色颜料之间的不同优势,如何混合以及如何对其进行分层。注意画笔的使用,质量,大小和形状的变化将有助于开发风格化的画笔笔触,从而赋予学生艺术更多的独特特征。学生将为创作更专业,更详细的画作打下坚实的基础,这将有助于他们将来的创作画作。