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Digital Art + Stop Motion

Grades 1-3: Digital Art+ Set Design

Digital Art+ Set Design is for young artists and cartoon lovers who are interested in the stop motion and cartoon world and want to start at a beginner level that can create a stop motion cartoon by using digital art painting, clay, animation principles, storytelling, and appealing aesthetics.

定格动画设计 1为对定格动画和卡通世界感兴趣的小小艺术家所设计,学生将从初级水平开始,在制作定格动画的过程中学习数字艺术绘画,粘土微雕设计,故事叙述和提高对当今著名动画设计审美鉴赏能力。

Grades 3-6: Fundamental Stop Motion

Animation: Fundamental Stop Motion is for young artists who have the foundation of stop motion skill set and want to become their own director. We will make young artists master their comprehensive stop motion skills to an advanced level that can create their animation shorts by using storyboards, animation principles, sculpting techniques, digital art, and appealing aesthetics.


Grades 6-8: Advanced Stop Motion

Animation: Advanced Stop Motion is for young directors who want to explore further into the stop motion and animation world. In the studio, we will use the entertaining industrial way to produce a series of animation shorts that can be shown on the art portfolio to display the skill sets and creative ideas you need for the time-based art, which includes the applications of animation principles, camera language and acting for storyboarding, and 3D characters and props making, etc.

定格动画 3是为想进一步探索定格动画和动画世界的年轻导演所设计。在工作室中,我们将使用娱乐工业的方式来制作一系列动画短片,这些短片可以在艺术作品集上展示你需要的基于时间的媒体艺术技能和创意想法,其中包括动画原理的应用,镜头语言和通过故事板进行表演,3D角色、和道具制作等。