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The Little Artist Program (Age 3.5 to Kindergarten)

  The Little Artist Program introduces our youngest students to art materials, topics, and especially each other. Our teachers are passionate and patient people that truly want their students to be creative with subjects and materials. Each project will have a specific prompt and material that the students will learn and use to complete their artwork. The materials introduced in this class range from crayon, oil pastel, color pencil, to watercolor.

  We introduce a broad range of subject matter, starting with basic shapes and form, color understanding, to things like design, and architecture. Students will typically learn about one subject and create two projects a month. We want our students to open their minds to new topics that they may not have seen or heard of!

  We support our students in building their participation skills, motor skills, and communication skills. We want these young ones to get comfortable in a classroom setting as well as work on their behavior and self expression.


  • Crayons, markers, oil pastels, color pencils, watercolors, sketch paper, watercolor paper, pencils, and erasers


  • Exposure / Introduction
  • Practice
  • Comfortable with materials
  • Expression, communication, participation
  • Motor skills
  • Creativity


  • Students will gain comfort and understanding of how to participate in the classroom setting. They will be drawing and coloring independently, with direction on how to develop form and keep the coloring material inside the lines. Students will have grown in patients, listening ability, respect, and rule following.



  • 蜡笔,记号笔,油画棒,彩色铅笔,水彩画,素描纸,水彩纸,铅笔和橡皮


  • 艺术启蒙
  • 实践
  • 各种材料
  • 表达,沟通,参与
  • 动手能力
  • 创造力


  • 学生将了解并参与课堂中,他们将独立进行绘画和上色,并按照线条走向在图形内上色。培养学生的耐心,听力,学会尊重和遵守规则。