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Creative Expression (Grades 2-4)

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Creative Expression is a once-a-week class that's focused on introducing topics and using them to form creative thoughts and artworks. A variety of topics will be introduced such as topography, futuristic design, and types of camouflage.

In this class we teach students how to look at everything in their everyday life in a creative way. We want each student to develop their creative thought process as well as problem solving skills. Students will work on sketches to refine their creative concepts, then with the guidance of their teacher will learn technical artistic skills. Our students use a variety of tools and materials to complete their art pieces, such as color pencil, oil pastel, watercolor, and tempera paint. The material the student uses will be based on the project as well as based on the students independent creation and how to complete it in the best and clearest way.

At this level we are supporting students to become more independent in their creative decision making. Our teachers will ask the students questions based on their likes or what they find interesting and then will continue to help them dive deeper into their interests. Even though this class is largely focused on creative development we still push students to create understandable, neat, and refined finished pieces.


  • Color pencil, oil pastel, charcoal, conte crayon, watercolor, tempera paint, sharpie markers, sketch paper, watercolor paper, pencils and erasers


  • Independence
  • Decision making
  • Creativity
  • Individuality
  • Concept Development
  • Creative design
  • Technical growth
  • Discussion


  • Students will gain a better understanding of how to use their materials as well as growth in their personal skill. They will have independence and confidence in their decision making, while being able to grow their decision into a creative concept or artwork.



  • 彩色铅笔,油画棒,木炭,孔蜡笔,水彩,蛋彩画颜料,沙皮笔,素描纸,水彩纸,铅笔和橡皮


  • 独立
  • 做决定
  • 创造力
  • 个性
  • 发展观念
  • 有创意的设计
  • 技术发展
  • 讨论


  • 学生将更好地了解如何使用自己的材料以及个人技能的提高。他们将对自己的决策具有独立性和信心,同时能够将他们的决策发展为具有创意的概念或艺术品。