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Art Competition Prep: Drawing & Painting for All Grades

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Prep for Art Contests & Competitions: Drawing & Painting
is a great opportunity for students to receive the guidance needed to make their work ready to enter into various regional, national, and international art competitions!
Throughout this class, students will develop their own unique ideas for their chosen contest, will be challenged to refine their pieces, and must meet all the necessary guidelines and requirements in order to be accepted into each competition. Our instructors will also mentor students to establish time management skills and habits, in order to complete artworks within a given timeframe, to read contest rules carefully, and to make lists of what they need to make their work contest ready. Finally, they will learn how to properly format their work for presentation to the judges, as many contests often require framing, and instructors will give support for posting and filling out applications neatly and on time.


  • Color pencil, oil pastel, charcoal, conte crayon, watercolor, tempera paint, sharpie markers, sketch paper, watercolor paper, pencils and erasers, acrylic painting on canvas


  • Due dates: Keep track of your due dates and learn how to plan around them.
  • Criteria: Carefully read the rules for each contest in order to fit the requirements of each contest.
  • Themes: Tailor your work to fit the theme of the contest, if needed.
  • Research: Research the topic or theme for the upcoming contest. Look and see what types of art wonder during the previous years. Also if the contest revolves around a certain theme, research that theme in order to get ideas.
  • Eligibility: Make sure you are eligible to enter a certain contest. Are you the right age? Do you live in the right area? Make sure you read carefully and make sure you are able to enter the contest you wish too.


  • In addition to improving their art skills, students will also be expected to learn how to carefully follow instructions, keep track of due dates, learn how to budget their time to meet a deadline and how to research various topics.



  • 到期日:记下你的目标完工日,并学会如何计划。
  • 准则:仔细阅读每项比赛的规则,以符合每项比赛的要求。
  • 主题:如果需要的话,把你的作品和比赛的主题联系起来。
  • 研究搜索:为即将到来的比赛研究主题。看看前几年有哪些类型的艺术典范。另外,如果比赛围绕某个主题展开,研究该主题以获得创意。
  • 资格:确保你有资格参加某项比赛。你的年龄合适吗?你居住在指定地区内吗?一定要仔细阅读,同时确保你能参加你想参加的比赛。


  • 彩色铅笔,油粉彩,木炭,孔蜡笔,水彩,蛋彩画颜料,沙皮笔,素描纸,水彩纸,铅笔和橡皮,使用画布画的丙烯画


  • 除了提高他们的艺术技能外,学生们还将学习如何仔细地遵循指示,跟踪到期日期,学习如何安排时间以满足最后期限,以及如何研究各种课题。