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Sketching Essentials Program (Grades 1-6)

Sketching the Fundamentals is an introduction to form and shapes, and how they relate to objects in space. This course will teach students the basic building blocks of objects through demonstrations, guided exercises, and the use of still lifes.

We will focus heavily on building a strong foundation by understanding shapes in perspective and their relation to one another. Students will keep a small sketch book throughout their studies as a way to show their progress, and take visual notes. With the guidance of our teachers, Students will learn to take two dimensional lines and create three dimensional shapes, use different shading techniques, and then connect that all together to create objects.



Material List:

Pencil#2, Kneaded Eraser, Red or Blue Pencils,Regular Eraser, Blending sticks, Rulers, Sketchbook, Bristle paper or watercolor (hot press) paper.

  • Shape
  • Perspective
  • Form
  • Contour
  • Cross Hatching
  • Objects
  • Deconstruction